When your body suffers injury or imbalance - physical, emotional, hormonal - it often engages the “fight-or-flight” survival mechanism. This can become the cause of inflammation, pain, stress, fatigue and general malaise. The aim of Bowen Therapy is to assist your body to engage its "rest and repair mode" which calms inflammation and stress, eases pain and restores balance and energy levels.
My interest in Bowen Therapy began in 2014 with my own personal experience of repetitive strain injury. The conventional and complementary treatments that I tried provided only temporary relief and I continued to struggle with the pain until a friend recommended Bowen Therapy, because it was known to have success with RSI. My body responded well - the pain in my arm was almost gone after three sessions. Over the next couple of months it disappeared completely and I found that my general health and wellbeing improved.
I was inspired to train as a Bowen practitioner qualifying with the Bowen Association UK in 2016. I expand my professional development through the advanced training run by BaUK and other trainer-practitioners.
I believe that our bodies are infinitely intelligent and resourceful. If we trust them and provide the right conditions, they will respond and return to a state of good health and wellbeing. Bowen Therapy could provide the conditions your body needs to return to health. 
Nikki Sutton Murray
BaUK Accredited
Fully insured by Holistic Services Insurance
VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies (OCF)
Qualified First Aider for over 10 years.