Erica, 35, works in the spacecraft industry and spends long hours using a computer. She had been suffering from work-related repetitive strain in her right forearm.

“Before my first treatment, I was relatively sceptical about how such minimal interaction could help my severe RSI. However, I was recommended by a colleague to give Bowen a go and after the first treatment, I had such a strong reaction I couldn’t wait for my next session. I had several treatments in total with Nikki and not only did my RSI completely disappear, a long standing issue with lower back pain also almost entirely went away. The first group of treatments meant that I was RSI free for around a year and I have since been back for two maintenance sessions to alleviate a mild niggle. I would not hesitate to visit Nikki again should any symptoms reappear and I am now a complete convert to the method, which I have recommended to several friends with similar symptoms. Aside from these benefits I found all the treatments to be very relaxing and a good way to de-stress in general.”

Marie, 52, had developed pain in her left shoulder through heavy gardening work. Her doctor had diagnosed an inflamed tendon and she had been given exercises by the physiotherapist but there was little improvement in the pain or range of movement, and she could no longer sleep on it.

"Bowen treatment with Nikki was so gentle and relaxing that I was truly surprised by the powerful results. I experienced significant improvement in a very painful frozen shoulder, and was sad that my own circumstances prevented me from continuing treatment."

Bob, 94, suffers with severe osteoarthritis in both legs, but particularly in his left knee and hip.

"I have regular Bowen sessions with Nikki and find that it keeps the pain at bay to a large degree. My consultant told me my hip joint was now bone on bone but the Bowen has kept me moving. Other aches and pains in shoulders and back from using a walking frame are also quickly resolved."

Anne, 90, has had several hip replacements and knee surgery. She suffers with pain in both legs and arms when walking about and also from lack of energy and low mood.

"Old age is not for the faint-hearted! Dealing with pain is a daily occurrence but I really look forward to my regular Bowen sessions because I always feel brighter, with more energy and looser so that I want to move around more. Recently, Nikki has been doing some Bowen on my scars from the surgeries and already I feel a difference in the way I can move my legs. I wish I'd discovered Bowen therapy years ago!"

Margaret, 60, had a flare up of tennis elbow.

" I developed tennis elbow some years ago after a bout of decorating. After taking on an allotment, heavy weeding caused the problem to flare up again last summer and left me with permanent pain. A course of Bowen treatment really helped to ease the problem and this summer I have gone through the weeding season unscathed."