"Hello and welcome to Simply Bowen, offering Bowen Therapy at The Healing Rooms, Bristol. Bowen is an holistic hands-on body therapy. It uses specific moves over soft tissue such as muscles, ligaments and tendons to engage the body's healing mechanisms to restore balance. Bowen can be applied through clothing or on skin, and can help with many health issues, both recent or long-term. To see if Bowen may help you, Contact Me now for a consultation. I look forward to helping you restore your balance and well-being."

Nikki Sutton Murray, Bowen Therapist at Simply Bowen


Why choose Bowen Therapy?

When your body suffers injury or imbalance - physical, emotional, hormonal - it often engages the “fight-or-flight” survival mechanism. This can become the cause of inflammation, pain, stress, fatigue and general malaise. The aim of Bowen Therapy is to assist your body to engage its "rest and repair mode" which calms inflammation and stress, eases pain and restores balance and energy levels.

What health issues can Bowen Therapy help with?

There are a number of Health Issues That Bowen Therapy Can Help With: back problems, joint pain, neck pain, digestive issues, frozen shoulder, repetitive strain injury, migraines, fatigue, sports injuries, bladder problems and many more. If you'd like to explore whether Bowen Therapy might work for you, Contact Me by phone or email to talk it through.

A bit about your Simply Bowen session

In the first Bowen session, we take a comprehensive case history and discuss your condition in detail.

You lie on a treatment couch, covered in a large towel/blanket and the therapist makes a series of specific moves directly on your skin or through light clothing if you prefer. It is also possible for you to be treated lying on one side or sitting. To facilitate complete relaxation, the therapist usually leaves the room or sits quietly to one side after each set of moves, to allow your body to integrate the work.

For most people, 2-3 Bowen sessions can have a lasting effect on their condition. Some chronic, long-standing conditions will require more sessions over a period of time. Some clients find monthly or 6 monthly 'maintenance' sessions keep their body balanced if their job is physically demanding.

So what does Bowen Therapy feel like?

Here is a sample of Feedback From Clients about their experience of Bowen Therapy:

"Before my first treatment, I was relatively sceptical about how such minimal interaction could help my severe repetitive strain injury. However, I was recommended by a colleague to give Bowen a go and after the first treatment, I had such a strong reaction I couldn’t wait for my next session. I had several treatments in total with Nikki and not only did my RSI completely disappear, a long standing issue with lower back pain also almost entirely went away." Erica

"I have regular Bowen sessions with Nikki and find that it keeps the pain from my osteoarthritis at bay to a large degree. My consultant told me my hip joint was now bone on bone but the Bowen has kept me moving. Other aches and pains in shoulders and back from using a walking frame are also quickly resolved." Bob 

Arranging an appointment

If you have a query or would like to make an appointment, please call me on 07811053833. You can also email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
I am based at The Healing Rooms, 162 Gloucester Road, Bristol but can provide home visits where necessary.


I charge £35 per session.
I work on a sliding scale basis so do contact me to talk about the possibilities if money is a problem.
Cancellation policy: Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to treatment will incur a full charge.

Sessions last up to 60 minutes. The first session lasts a little longer to include case history/assessment.

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